EasyStart 364 soft Starter

EasyStart™ is a soft starter designed specifically for single-phase motors. It features a unique 4-part start ramp sequence that adjusts itself to optimize the start-up current, resulting in the lowest possible current draw. Compared to the locked-rotor amperage (LRA) of a compressor, EasyStart can reduce start current by 65-75%. This makes it an ideal solution for running air conditioners or refrigeration compressors on generators, inverters, or limited utility power when they would otherwise not be able to function. Additionally, it can also be used for air compressor and fluid pump motors.

Make starting your air conditioner a breeze without the need for purchasing an additional, larger generator or inverter. Operate two air conditioners using just a 30-Amp cord. Note that each air conditioner requires an EasyStart unit. The outcome relies on the power management system, ensuring that the total amperage remains under 30 Amps without reducing running Amps. Enjoy quieter sleep and continuous cooling throughout the night. Run your air conditioner simultaneously with other appliances. Easily incorporate an additional air conditioning unit at a minimal cost by installing an affordable EasyStart on each one, eliminating the need for costly rewiring of the entire RV to upgrade to a 50-amp system. A convenient installation kit is available separately for wiring an RV rooftop A/C unit. The EasyStart provides advanced fault checks for added compressor protection, not found in any other soft starter. Its unique water-resistant and UV-protected enclosure with an integrated mounting flange ensures durability. Specialized models cater to various applications. All EasyStart 364 models feature side-angled “flag connectors” for attachment to the run capacitor, ideal for compact spaces. Alternatively, you can replace them with your preferred connector if desired.

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 3 in


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