S-Link Control Cable System For SEP/SR Thruster Side Power

SM61326S-Link T connector to spur
SM61327S-Link Terminator for backnone
SM61322S-Link Backbone Extender
sm61328Cable S-Link Spur cable 2.5m (8′)
SM61320-0.2MCable Backbone S-Link 0,2m (8″)
SM61320-2MCable Backbone S-Link 2m (6,5′)
SM61320-4MCable Backbone S-Link 4m (13′)
SM61320-7MCable Backbone S-Link 7m (23′)
SM61320-10MCable Backbone S-Link 10m (33′)
SM61320-15MCable Backbone S-Link 15m (49′)
SM61320-20MCable Backbone S-Link 20m (66′)
SM61321-0.4MCable Spur S-Link 0,4m (16″)
SM61321-1MCable Spur S-Link 1m (3′)
SM61321-3MCable Spur S-Link 3m (10′)
SM61321-5MCable Spur S-Link 5m (16m)
Weight5 lbs
Dimensions5 × 5 × 5 in


SM61326, SM61327, SM61322, sm61328, SM61320-0.2M, SM61320-2M, SM61320-4M, SM61320-7M, SM61320-10M, SM61320-15M, SM61320-20M, SM61321-0.4M, SM61321-1M, SM61321-3M, SM61321-5M


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