Bow Thruster, Side-Power SE60/185S-12V 4HP

Thruster 12V 60KG/132LB 185mm/7.3″ 4HP

Side-Power SE60/185S Marine Thruster (Sealed Gearleg), 185mm, 12V

The SE60 thruster offers the power and performance needed on most yachts from 29-38 ft loa.  It features a maintenance-free, sealed gearleg for easy installation and a powerful purpose-built electric motor.  Like all Side-Power thusters, the SE60 features the patented Intelligent Power Control (IPC) for safe, reliable performance.

Brand: Side Power
Category: Watercraft Engines & Motors, Bow Thruster, Bow Thruster boat, Bow Thruster yacht


Side-Power General Features:

  • Built for outstanding performance, you can rely on your Side-Power bow thruster or stern thruster year after year
  • Boat builders all over the world are choosing Side-Power for reliability, ease of installation and unrivaled safety features
  • This commitment to quality has made the new range of Side-Power thrusters manufactured by Sleipner Motor the market leader
  • Performance
    • The high performance of a Side-Power thruster is a result of their continuous efforts in product development and testing
  • Safety:

    • Side-Power thrusters include several features to ensure the safety of your boat and its passengers
    • These features protect against technical and operator errors
    • No overheating of electric motor
    • Mechanical protection of drive gear
    • Electronic protection against sudden change of drive direction
    • No accidental operation from child safe on/off and automatic deactivation
    • IPC comes standard on all DC electric thrusters hence reducing solenoid wear and the risk of lock in
  • Reliability:

    • The quality of a Side-Power thruster is always one step ahead
    • In house manufacturing and assembly
    • Engineering through experience
    • Use of superior materials
    • Controlled quality of every supplied part
    • 2-Year limited warranty
  • Installation

    • Through their extensive experience and close co-operation with major boat builders we know how important a correct installation is for the thruster system
    • Therefore they have made all the preparations to ensure that it is easy to install a Side-Power correctly
    • Compact-sized units
    • “Plug and Go” Electric wiring
    • Easily accessible battery cable terminals
    • Fast and safe propeller mounting with locknut
    • Professional and solid GRP stern thruster kits
    • Easy access zinc anodes

SE Series – Standard, Single Speed (ON / Off) bow and stern thrusters These standard bow and stern thruster series are the base for all our extensive range of DC electric thrusters. They are fitted in a tunnel through the bow, or into our stern tunnels to use as a stern thrusters. The electric motors, solenoids, patented IPC control system and the mechanical parts of the propulsion system are all totally custom designed and built, utilizing the extensive experience gained through years of leadership in the global thruster market

SE Series Features:

  • The SE60 thruster offers the power and performance needed on most yachts from 29-38 ft loa
  • It features a maintenance-free, sealed gearleg for easy installation and a powerful purpose-built electric motor
  • Like all Side-Power thrusters, the SE60 features the patented Intelligent Power Control (IPC) for safe, reliable performance

Specifications Marine Thruster 4HP Side Power SE60/185S-12V:



Thrust @ 10.5VDC

132 lbs (60kg)





Thrust @ 12VDC

161 lbs (73 kg)

Typical Boat Size

29-38′ (9-12 m)

Tunnel Diameter (I.D.)

7.3″ (185 mm)

Power @ 10.5V

4 hp (3.1 kw)

Recommended Fuse Size

250 Amps (SMANL250)

Fuse Size

250 Amp

Minimum Battery Capacity


Approximate Ship Weight (lbs)


Other items to consider when purchasing a new thruster:

  • Bow Tunnel or Stern Tunnel
  • Control Panels and Remote Controls
  • AutoMainswitch, Battery Disconnect, Fuse & Fuseholder
  • 4-Wire Harnesses (when not using AutoMainswitch)
  • 5-Wire Harnesses (for use with AutoMainswitch)
  • Installation Tools:  SMTOOL-6MM, Ratching 6mm Allen Key Tool

logo pdfSE30-SE40-SE60 Side Power Thruster


4.70/5 – 107Yachtaid Marine
Weight 32 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 16 × 17 in

Horse Powers (Model)

Typical boat size

Tunnel inner diameter



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