SRLP80/185T Retracting Thruster Kit, Proportional Speed Control, Twin 5-Blade Props, 12V, 185mm

Side-Power developed the SRLP-series of speed control vertical retractable thrusters to meet the needs of boat owners who do not have the space to fit a tunnel through the boat’s hull.  Side-Power’s range of proportional speed control DC thrusters allow you to select the power you need for precise boat movements in any weather and sea conditions.  The unique “hold” feature allows you to keep the boat in position at dock or in locks.  Can be used in either bow or stern thruster applications.  The SRLP80/185T is one part of a complete Side-Power thruster system, including tunnel, controls, cables, fuses and battery switches. This model requires a Side-Power supplied frame for installation in composite hulls or a self-made frame for aluminum or steel hulls.

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Features & Benefits:

  • Plug and Play S-Link two-way communication control system
  • Horizontal motor mount for even more compact install
  • Fast deployment time
  • Hatch deploys straight out of hull for minimal cutout gaps, creating minimal drag when thruster is retracted
  • Pressure sensor on door automatically retracts thruster when boat speed is too high
  • Thruster lock out: thruster is disabled when fully or partially retracted


  • Propulsion technology know-how maximizing amount of thrust from the system
  • Lightweight composite propellers reduce work needed to get up to speed and stop rotation
  • Streamlined gear housing reducing turbulence in the tunnel and maximizing flow


  • Compact sized units to reduce the amount of interior volume needed
  • Simple Plug and Play wiring
  • Easily accessible battery terminals
  • Fast and safe propeller mounting with lock nut
  • GRP and composite bolt-on stern thruster tunnel kits pre-drilled for ease of installation
  • Easy access zinc anodes allowing quick and simple changing
  • Sealed gearleg so no messy oil fill-ups needed during installation

Safety and Reliability:

  • Overheat thermal switch on electric motor stops operation, preventing damage to the electric motor
  • Mechanical protection of drive gear through flexible coupling between gearleg and motor
  • Self-locking high pressure contacts extend solenoid life and improve current conduction
  • Extra insulation to help prevent wear and heat damage of internal wiring
  • Non-conductive and self-extinguishing solenoid covers
  • Control panels have child-safe on system and timed shut down from last use
  • 2 Year limited warranty.




Thrust @ 10.5VDC

176 lbs (80 kg)


20.00″(Width), 15.00″(Height), 20.00″(Length)



Typical Boat Size

35ft to 48ft (10m to 15m)

Thrust @ 12VDC

212 lbs (96 kg)

Propulsion System


Power @ 10.5VDC

7.6 hp (5.6 kw)

Recommended Fuse Size

500 Amp (SMANL500)

Minimum Battery Capacity

1045 CCA SAE

Approximate Ship Weight (lbs)

Weight 64 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 20 in


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