Convenient way to add 5V USB charging to your boat or vehicle, especially those with 24V or 32V systems. It is particular useful in converting the popular Vimar Idea Series USB media ports to fully charging USB ports. To do this, simply connect unit’s white & black input wires to ship/vehicle DC power.Then connect thered and black output wires to the #4 & #1 terminals of the Vimar USB port. Lastly, add a jumper wire to the USB #3 & #2 terminals. You are then able to quickly charge cell phones, tablets, remote speakers, and other 5V rated electronic devices.

  • Converts Vimar Idea media port to 5V charging port
  • Over-voltage/current protection
  • Thermal protection
  • Short circuit with auto reset
Dimensions1.81″ (46mm) X 1.26″ (32) X 0.71″ (18mm)
Electrical ProtectionsOver-voltage, over-current, over-heat, short circuit & automatic recovery
Input Voltage8-40VDC
Install LocationDry
Load Rating2.5A
Max Wattage15W
Warranty1 year


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