CT3EX 3-Wiper Control Panel with black trim, 12/24V

New electronic Wiper Control for a maximum of three Exalto HD wipers.  The control consists of a dashboard panel and a separate relay box.  The control is suitable for both 12V and 24V.

This control is compatible with the following wiper systems:



  • Low speed, continues and synchronized
  • High speed, continues and synchronized, with the option to disengage the synchronization at any time
  • Three step synchronized intermittent operation:  2, 4 and 8 seconds delay.  Wipers will run in each setting.
  • Wipe-wash program
  • ON/OFF switch
  • Individual switches for each wiper
  • Indicator lights for active wipers, speed/intermittent settings and for wipe/wash program
  • Incorporated warning system that indicates a failing wiper or incorrect wiring.




Approximate Ship Weight (lbs)

Weight 2 lbs


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