Type 1 Pantograph Arm, Adjustable from 26.6 to 31.1″ for Blades from 11.8 to 31.5″, with new “fold-back” feature.  To set arms to 650mm the arms need to be cut off by 25mm.

This wiper arm is compatible with the following wiper system:



  • All 316 stainless steel components with brass attachment heads
  • All arms include adjustable spring mechanism in drive gallery
  • Arms can be folded back during boat cleaning
  • Styled gallery covers for clean appearance
  • Low-glare black polyester epoxy coating over sandblasted stainless steel surface for durable finish
  • Accept Type 1 blades to 31½” (800mm)
  • Two different optional washing jets available
  • Optional tubing retainer strip holds tubing to the arm.

Type 1 Pantograph Arm, 26.6 to 31.1" (675-790mm)

Detail showing adjustable spring

Type 1 Pantograph Arm, 26.6 to 31.1" (675-790mm)

Detail showing folding
gallery covers




For Motors

223BS, 223BD, 235KK, 235KKHD

Min Arm Length

26.6″ (675mm)

Max Arm Length

31.1″ (790mm)

Washing Jet Options

EX2184 or EX2110

Accepts Blades

EX2171-EX2179, EX2195, EX2196

Accepts Heavy Duty Blades


Tubing Retainer Strip



2.50″(Width), 2.20″(Height), 27.50″(Length)

Replacement Gallery Cover


Approximate Ship Weight (lbs)

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 27.50 × 2.50 × 2.20 in


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