Type 1 Pantograph Arm, Adjustable from 20.7 to 25.6″ for Blades from 11.8 to 31.5″, with new “fold-back” feature and adjustable spring gallery.  To set arms to 500mm the arms need to be cut off by 25mm.

This wiper arm is compatible with the following wiper system:

Type 1

Features & Benefits:

  • All 316 stainless steel components with brass attachment heads
  • All arms include adjustable spring mechanism in drive gallery
  • Arms can be folded back during boat cleaning
  • Styled gallery covers for clean appearance
  • Low-glare black polyester epoxy coating over sandblasted stainless steel surface for durable finish
  • Accept Type 1 blades to 31½” (800mm)
  • Two different optional washing jets available
  • Optional tubing retainer strip holds tubing to the arm


For Motors

223BS, 223BD, 235KK, 235KKHD

Min. Arm Length

20.7″ (525mm)

Max. Arm Length

25.6″ (650mm)

Washing Jet Options

EX2184 or EX2110

Accepts Blades

EX2171-EX2179, EX2195, EX2196

Accepts Heavy Duty Blades


Tubing Retainer Strip


Replacement Gallery Cover

Weight 3 lbs


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