W25 Wiper Motor, 24V, 25Nm, 78mm/3.1 in., Bulkhead Mount

The Roca W25 wiper motor is made for the toughest conditions.

  • With a 25Nm torque and a strong drive system it powers up to 750mm / 35” arms and blades.
  • The sweep angle is easily adjusted from 45-110° for maximum visibility.
  • Two speeds: Slow 40 sweep/min and fast 60 sweep/min.
  • Dynamic parking, can easily be changed from Left to Right.

Features of the W25 Wiper System:

  • Single tapered drive shaft for secure motor/arm connection
  • External mount idler shaft for pantograph option
  • Stepless sweep angle adjustment
  • Sweep angle Adjustable from 45-110º
  • Insulated ground for installation on metal, GRP and wooden boats
  • CE approved; EMC protected


  • Easy installation and wiring
  • Choice of arm finish to fit surroundings perfectly
  • Wide range of arms and blades to fit most any window
  • Efficiently wipes big windows (maximum reach of 45 in.)
  • Quality system at an affordable price
  • 3 year warranty on motors & arms; 1 year for blades.







8.00″(Width), 4.75″(Height), 9.62″(Length)

Bulkhead Thickness (mm)


Bulkhead Thickness (in.)

3.1 in.

Sweep Angle Adjustment

45-100 degrees Slot, Stepless adjustable

Approximate Ship Weight (lbs)

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 9.62 × 8 × 4.75 in


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