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Remote Control Side power Thruster


A totally redesigned and upgraded remote series are now available. The new RC-2 series also include a brand new 8-channel remote, the RCT-23E, designed to operate a dual thruster + dual windlass configuration.

The hardware and software of the former RC-1 models have now been totally re-designed. All models are now operating in th 868Mhz band with a new communication protocol, designed to better withstand external interference.

The RCR-2E receiver has a new enclosure design, with external connectors, compatible with Side-Power four- and five-lead wire cabling for Side-Power thruster and windlass models. There are also an S-link compatible verision available for PRO and retractable thrusters.

Functionality for the replacement models are identical to the existing models, but the pairing procedure is slightly different and are described in detail in the Side-Power RC-2 product manual.

Due to this total overhaul, RC-1 components and RC-2 components are not cross-compatible. No RC-1 product can be combined with any of the new RC-2 products. In any given system, both reciever and transmitter needs to be either RC-1 series or RC-2 series to operate properly.

As before, the models sold as kits, come ready paired from the factory. Extra transmitters are also available.

Radio Remote Kit Bow + Stern ThrusterRC-20E
Remote Transmitter bow / sternRCT-20E
Remote Transmitter bow / winchRCT-21E
Radio rem kit bow + windl EURC-21E
Remote control dual thrust and winchRC-23E
SRV285 Vertical Retract, 48VRCT-23E
Holder for remote control8927A
Control Panel ON/OFF Side Power Thruster

Side-Power offers a unique series of «smart» control panels, an important part of a thruster system. Choose between our compact touch button, the popular joystick controls, the «docking» control panel with the most intuitive thruster control ever or the new exclusive round panel.

Touch Panel for RetractSM8700view-more
Touch Panel Singel 12/24VSM8950Gview-more
Touch Panel Singel 12/24V, Round, Chrome BezelSM8955Gview-more
Joystick Panel 12/24VSM8960Gview-more
Joystick Panel 12/24VSM8965view-more
Joystick Panel Double 12/24VSM8940Gview-more
Boat Switch Panel Dual 12/24VSM8909Cview-more
Control Panel PRO Side Power



Dual Speed Control Panel with Display SEP/SR 12/24V S-LinSMPJC212view-more
Single Speed Control Panel Display SEP/SR 12/24V S-LinkSMPJC211view-more
Touch Panel for SR Thruster S-Link 12/24VSM8700view-more
Control Panels for AC/HYD Thruster Side Power

Control Panels for AC/HYD Thrusters Side Power

Control Panels for AC/HYD Thrusters Side Power

Dual Control Panel for S-link PHC SystemPJC322view-more
Single Control Panel for S-link PHC SystemPJC321view-more
Dual Control Panel for S-link PHC SystemPJC222view-more
Single Control Panel for S-link PHC SystemPJC221view-more
GRP Bow Tunnels


GRP tunnels are available in several lengths for each thruster model. They are purpose built for our thrusters and provide ultimate strength, accuracy and osmosis protection to ensure an easy and safe thruster installation. The wall thickness is adapted to each thruster’s power and boat size. Unlike most other thruster tubes, they are not just spun with a single tread, but in fact contains several layers of full rowing mat.

GRP Bow Tunnels 110mm/4.3″ Diameter Side PowerEB20
GRP Bow Tunnels 125mm/5″ Diameter Side PowerSE & SEP 30/125S, 40/125Sview-more
GRP Bow Tunnels 160mm/6.3″ Diameter Side PowerEB40, EB60
GRP Bow Tunnels 185mm/7.3″ Diameter Side PowerSE60/185Sview-more
GRP Bow Tunnels 185mm/7.3″ Diameter Side PowerSE & SEP80/185T, 100/185T, SH100/185Tview-more
GRP Bow Tunnels 215mm/8.5″ Diameter Side PowerSE120/215T, SE150/215Tview-more
GRP Bow Tunnels 250mm/10.0″ Diameter Side PowerSE130, SE170, SE210 & SH240view-more
GRP Bow Tunnels 300mm/12.0″ Diameter Side PowerPowerSP200TC-32V, SP240TCI, SP285TCI & HYD300view-more
GRP Bow Tunnels 386mm/15.2″ Diameter Side PowerSH420/SH550view-more
STEEL Bow Tunnels

Steel Tunnel

Steel Bow tunnel

Steel Bow Tunnels 125mm/5″ Diameter Side PowerEB20
Steel Bow Tunnels 185mm/7.3″ Diameter Side PowerSE60/185S
Steel Bow Tunnels 250mm/10.0″ Diameter Side PowerSE130, SE170, SE210 & SH240
Steel Bow Tunnels 300mm/12.0″ Diameter Side PowerSP200TC-32V, SP240TCI, SP285TCI & HYD300
Steel Bow Tunnels 386mm/15.2″ Diameter Side PowerSH420/SH550
ALUMINUM Bow Tunnels

Steel Tunnel

Aluminum Bow tunnel

Aluminum Bow Tunnels 125mm/5″ DiameterSE & SEP 30/125S, 40/125S
Aluminum Bow Tunnels 185mm/7.3″ DiameterSE60/185S
Aluminum Bow Tunnels 220mm/8.6″ DiameterSE120/215T, SE150/215T
Aluminum Bow Tunnels 250mm/10.0″ DiameterSE130, SE170, SE210 & SH240
Aluminum Bow Tunnels 300mm/12.0″ DiameterSP200TC-32V, SP240TCI, SP285TCI & HYD300
GRP Bow Tunnels 386mm/15.2″ DiameterSH420/SH550
Udgrade Kits

Side-Power upgrade

Q-Prop Propeller Upgrade Kit – DC Speed Control Upgrade Kit – IPC (Intelligent Power Control) Upgrade Kit – SEP Motor Upgrade Kit to Upgrade

ItemsView More
DC Speed Control Upgrade Kit Side Power Bow Thruster, BOW THRUSTER, Side Power, MARINE BOW THRUSTER

DC Speed Control Upgrade Kit Side Power Bow Thruster

View More
SEP Motor Upgrade Kit Side Power

SEP Motor Upgrade Kit to Upgrade

View More
ipc upgrade kit sidepower

IPC (Intelligent Power Control) Upgrade Kit

View More

Q-Prop Upgrade Kit propeller, composite

View More
Propellers 3 – 4 – 5 Blades Composite

Propeller 5-Blade Composite Side Power, BOW THRUSTER, Side Power, MARINE BOW THRUSTER

Propelles:3-Blade / 4-Blade / 5-Blade Composite

Propeller 3 & 4 Blade Composite Older Units3 – 4 blade
Propellers 4-Blade Composite Side Power4 bladeview-more
Propeller 5-Blade Composite Side Power5 bladeview-more
Thruster Parts

thruster parts

Thruster Parts

Thruster Parts Side Powerview-more


Electric Tunnel bow Thrusters Max Power


Control ThrusterMax Power

ItemsCodeView More
85 Control Panel Thruster Max Power Black318200View More
 85Control Panel Thruster Max Power Grey318201View More
control-thruster-max-powerControl Panel Thruster Max Power Black318202View More
control-thruster-max-powerControl Panel Thruster Max Power Grey318203View More
61Control Panel Thruster Max Power Black318204View More
61Control Panel Thruster Max Power Grey318205View More
59Control Panel Thruster Max Power Black318206View More
59Control Panel Thruster Max Power Grey318224View More
 Hydraulic Tunnel Bow Thrusters Max Power


Manufactured from fully isophtalic resin and pre-gel coated, Max Power’s high quality tunnels have the added advantage of a first coat of matt before being filament wound.Cutting and drilling can therefore be carried out without the risk of damaging the gel coat on the inside surface of the tunnel.

ItemsDiameterView More
313804 GRP Tunnel for model CT35/45125mm1000mmView More
313809 GRP Tunnel for model CT35/45125mm1250mmView More
313811 GRP Tunnel for model CT300300mm1500mmView More
313812 GRP Tunnel for model CT325300mm2000mm View More
35004 GRP Tunnel for model CT325315mm1500mmView More
42546 GRP Tunnel for model CT35/45125mm500mmView More
42547 GRP Tunnel for model CT35/45125mm750mmView More
42548 GRP Tunnel for model CT35/45125mm2500mmView More
42549 GRP Tunnel for model CT60/80/100/125185mm750mmView More
42550 GRP Tunnel for model CT60/80/100/125185mm1000mmView More
Stern Adapter  Thrusters Max Power



Manufactured from fully isophtalic resin, Max Power’s range of stern adaptors are SMC moulded (sheet moulding compound) in a male / female steel mould. This ensures perfect resin fibre ratio and exceptional reproduction of form.

DiameterView More
315989 Stern Adapter for models CT35/45125mmView More
315992 Stern Adapter for models CT60/80/100/125185mmView More
315995 Stern Adapter for models CT165/225250mmView More
315989 Stern Adapter for models CT35/45315mm View More
Stern Cowl Thrusters Max Power


Cowls are easily fitted to the stern adaptors and allow the use of stern thrusters in relatively shallow draft applications.

ItemsTunnel SizeView More
315398 Stern Cowl for Model CT35/45125mm
315399 Stern Cowl for Model CT60/80/100/125185mm
315400 Stern Cowl for Model CT1655/225250mm
 Hydraulic Tunnel Bow Thrusters Max Power


Max Power offers a range of calibrated fuses specifically selected model by model and tested to offer an increased level of protection over standard ANL fuses. Chosen taking into account each fuse’s specific blow curve, Max Power fuses match the requirements of each thruster system.

ItemsVoltageAmpView More
312882 Extraction handle for models: CT35/45 | CT60 | CT80 / C. Retract | CT60 / CT80 / C. Retract | CT100 / VIP150 | CT125 / VIP150 | CT165 / 225 | CT300 / 32512V | 24V125 | 160 | 200 | 125 | 315 | 200 | 250 | 400View More
35017 Fuse holder for models: CT35/45 | CT60 | CT80 / C. Retract | CT60 / CT80 / C. Retract | CT125 / VIP15012V | 24VView More
35018 Fuse holder for models: CT100 / VIP150 | CT165 / 225 | CT300 / 32512V | 24V315 | 250 | 400View More
35019 Fuse for model: CT6012V60 View More
35020 Fuse for model: CT80 / C. Retract12V200 
35021 Fuse for model: CT35/4512V125 
35022 Fuse for model: CT100 / VIP15012V315 
35027 Fuse for model:  CT165/22524V250 
35028 Fuse for model: CT300 / 32524V400 
Electric Battery Isolator Thrusters Max Power


Use only Max Power original parts for a proper installation.
Max Power do not cover warranty issues for installations that not contain original parts.
Please follow the manual instructions carefully.

ItemsVoltageView More
318400 Electric battery isolator12VView More
318401 Electric battery isolator24VView More
 Propeller Thrusters Max Power

Propellers Trhruster Max-Power

ItemsDiameterView More
313810 Propeller Thruster for model: CT300300View More
35030 Propeller Thruster for model: CT35 / 45125View More
35032 Propeller Thruster for model: CT165 / 225250View More
35033 Propeller Thruster for model: CT325315View More
35040 Propeller Thruster for model: CT60/80/100/125 & VIP, similar to 35031185View More
35041 Propeller Thruster for model: CT35/45, similar to 35030125View More
35042 Propeller Thruster for model: CT165/225, similar to 35032250View More
 Drive Leg Thrusters Max Power



Drive Leg Thruster Max Power

ItemsDiameterPropellersView More
310376 Drive Leg Composite for model: CT451851View More
315318 Drive Leg Composite for model: CT351251View More
315321 Drive Leg Composite for model: CT165/2252502View More
315324 Drive Leg Bronze for model: CT3253152 View More
315388 Drive Leg Bronze for model: CT3003002View More
315411 Drive Leg Aluminium for model: CT3253152View More
35034 Drive Leg Composite for model: CT601851View More
35035 Drive Leg Composite for model: CT80/100/1252502View More

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