Webasto FCF series Marine Air Conditioning


FCF innovation starts with a more balanced system for noise elimination. The compressor has been carefully mounted to greatly reduce unwanted vibration and noises that can transfer into the cabin interrupting your sleep. Unlike competitive systems, FCF stands for quality. Including a long-lasting, baked-on enamel finish, a robust blower that can handle multiple vents and FCF is the only A/C system that comes standard with a digital control panel.

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Webasto FCF 5000 Unit5,000 BTU/h115V/60HZview-more
Webasto FCF 5000 Unit5,000 BTU/h230V/60HZview-more
Webasto FCF 9000 Unit9,000 BTU/h115V/60HZview-more
Webasto FCF 9000 Unit9,000 BTU/h230V/60HZview-more
Webasto FCF 12000 Unit12,000 BTU/h115V/60HZview-more
Webasto FCF 12000 Unit12,000 BTU/h230V/60HZview-more
Webasto FCF 16000 Unit16,000 BTU/h115V/60HZview-more
Webasto FCF 16000 Unit16,000 BTU/h230V/60HZview-more
Webasto FCF 24000 Unit24,000 BTU/h115V/60HZview-more
Webasto FCF 24000 Unit24,000 BTU/h230V/60HZview-more

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