Webasto has a variety of air handlers to meet any capacity or space requirements. The A-Series is adaptable to individual needs thanks to its modular design, and the proprietary Webasto Instant Drain condensate management technology provides fast drainage. BlueCool MyTouch displays, electric heat modules, and flow control valves are examples of accessories that may help you fine-tune your applications.

6,000 BTU Webasto A6 BlueCool A-Series Compact Air Handler Each cabin has one or more air handlers installed to generate the appropriate cooling capacity in each area. High performance with enormous cooling capacity, ultra-quiet with variable vibration isolation mounts and wider ducts to reduce airspeed noise. Tested in a tropical environment. 230V, 50/60 Hz voltage.

The central chiller unit is usually found in the engine room, and it supplies chilled water/glycol to all cabins through a water circuit. Each cabin has one or more air handlers installed to create the appropriate cooling capacity in each area.

The Webasto A-Series surpasses the highest comfort standards with to innovative features like vibration dampers, a remote bleeder, and the Instant Drain Condensate Control System for efficient condensate management. The BlueCool A-series’ modular design offers maximum versatility and can be readily expanded with accessories like the new Electric Heat Module (EHM) and the Flow Control Valve.

A18 Compact Webasto Air Handler




  • A new modular system with a variety of configurations is now available.
  • Webasto Instant Drain Condensate Management is a cutting-edge Webasto product.
  • Stainless steel design of high grade
  • Optimal cooling capacity and air flow ensure high performance.
  • With adjustable vibration isolation mounts and wider ducts, Super Silent reduces noise from air speed.
  • Under tropical temperatures, an oversized heat exchanger was put to the test.

Compatible with MyTouch Control Display

My Touch Display

  • The new standard display for the BlueCool A/C Series is the BlueCool MyTouch
  • Interactive 2,4″ touch screen in full colour and high resolution
  • There are several customising possibilities available (design, colors, language, photos, etc.)
  • Full access to system configuration settings is restricted.
  • Vimar Eikon, Eikon EVO, Plana, and Bticino Axolute are all compatible.

Technical Specifications for WBCL1209010 – Compact

 Order Number WBCL1209010
 Capacity (BTU/h) **  6,000
 Capacity (kW) ** 1.9
 Air flow (m³/h) * 380
 Air flow (cfm) * 224
 Ø Blower connection (mm) 125 (round)
 Ø Blower connection (inch) 5 (round)
 Weight (kg)  7
 Weight (lbs) 15.4
 Current draw running (A) 0.5
 Ø Chilled water connection  3/4”
 Dimensions H x W x L (mm) 287 x 280 x 411
Dimensions H x W x L (inch) 11.3 x 11 x 16.2
Dimensions with valve H x W x L (mm) 287 x 280 x 411
Dimensions with valve H x W x L (inch) 11.3 x 11 x 16.2
Minimum chilled water flow (l/h) 406
Number of blowers 1
Max. ambient temperature (°C) 50
Pressure loss chilled water (bar) 0.12
Number of condensate drains 2
Ø Condensate drain (mm) 16
  • Three possible shapes to cope with any installation demand: Compact, Slimline and Low profile
  • New modular system with various options
  • Innovative Webasto Instant Drain system for smart management of condensate
  • High quality stainless steel condensate tray
  • High performance with high cooling capacity and high air flow
  • Super Silent with
    • flexible vibration isolation mounts
    • larger ducts to reduce noise from air speed
  • Oversized heat exchanger tested under tropical conditions
  • Rotatable blower


Weight 21 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 16 × 17 in


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