Mermaid Condensator Kit

Working on the “Venturi” principle, the Mermaid Condensator is installed in-line with the marine air conditioners water discharge line.  As the marine air conditioner and sea water pump are running, the device creates a vacuum effect and literally pulls the condensation water out of the drain pan, merges it with the discharge water, and your condensation is now overboard!  The principle here is to leave your boat a “dry boat” by removing all condensation from the marine air conditioners drain pan.

On some boats, you can’t get a condensation drain line down to the bilge. We are the only ones to offer the Mermaid Condensator! Finally, you no longer have to put up with draining condensation water into the bilge or a shower sump. The Mermaid Condensator operates on the venturi principal and “draws” the condensation water from the tray and discards it with the unit’s cooling water. The condensator is silent and non-electrical. The kit includes the condensator, a filter, hoses, and mounting hardware.

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 10 in


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