Mermaid Condensator Kit

Harnessing the innovative “Venturi” principle, the Mermaid Condensator offers a sophisticated solution for managing condensation from marine air conditioners. This ingenious device is seamlessly integrated into the water discharge line of your marine air conditioning system. When the air conditioner and sea water pump are operational, the Condensator ingeniously creates a vacuum effect. This effect efficiently extracts condensation water from the air conditioner’s drain pan, combining it with the discharge water, and effectively expelling it overboard. The result? A remarkably “dry boat,” free from the usual condensation build-up.

A standout feature of the new Condensator is its indispensability in scenarios where routing a condensation drain line to the bilge is impractical. This makes the Mermaid Condensator a unique and essential component in marine air conditioning systems, especially in structures with complex designs or limited space.

What sets the Mermaid Condensator apart is its quiet, non-electrical operation, relying solely on the natural physics of the Venturi effect. The complete kit is thoughtfully designed for ease of installation and includes the condensator unit, a filter, necessary hoses, and all required mounting hardware. By choosing the Mermaid Condensator, you’re not only ensuring efficient removal of condensation but also preserving the integrity and cleanliness of your vessel’s interior spaces. Say goodbye to the hassle of condensation water draining into the bilge or shower sump, and welcome a cleaner, drier, and more comfortable boating experience.

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 10 in


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