ITC “3251” SP Water Cooled Refrigeration Unit, Small holding plate, 3.5 cu.ft. fridge or 1.2 cu. ft. freezer, ITC Digital Controller

Small Holding Plate – BD35
11.8 x 8.25 x 2.4 inches
Max Box Volume Fridge: 4.4 Cu.Ft.

Isotherm ASU Automatic Start-Up frameworks are intended for establishment in existing cool boxes, fundamentally in cruising yachts where battery power is at a higher cost than expected. The microchip controlled ASU framework decisively diminishes power utilization while providing refrigeration in overflow.

The ASU hardware detects when plentiful power is free from the motor alternator, or even a sunlight based charger establishment, and paces up the blower to quickly freeze the holding plate. At the point when the motor is off and the blower is running on battery power alone, the ASU hardware “tastes” power by just running intermittantly for brief periods – barely enough to keep up with the case temperature, without endeavoring to freeze the virus plate further.

With typical motor activity, the outcome is a critical 30 to half decrease in electrical utilization from your batteries!

These units furnish cooler or cooler capacity with temperatures down to 21°F (- 7°C).

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 35 × 35 in


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