Marine Nova Kool  LT 201 F2 Cold Plates . Ice Box Conversion Kit

Nova Kool LT201 F2 Cold plates. Ice Box Conversion Kit.

All LT units and plates come pre charged with ozone friendly refrigerant and are temperature controlled with an automatic thermostat. These units are very rugged and versatile. All LT units can run on an angle up to 30 grades, with no capacity loss. condenser.

  • Variable speed compressor
  • Reusable couplings between unit and cooling plates
  • High efficiency air cooled condenser for high ambient applications
  • Pre-charged with R134a refrigerant, 12-24 volt DC
  • Standard line set is 12ft (3.66M) optional 18ft (5.48M)

w/ (2) 16″ x 10″ Plates
that can be placed up to 18″ apart.
Suits refrigerator applications up to 8 cf (227 l)
or freezer applications up to 4 cf (113 l).

Plate surface area: 352 sq. inch (.227 sq. meter)

Dimensions: 16L x 10W

Weight: 5 lbs.

Max box size:  4 8 cf (227 l)

Line set : 12 Ft (3.66M) Foot Standard


  • Mobile applications ie: ambulance, veterinarian, farm, marine, food vending, RV, solar
  • Three plates
  • LT200 Old large couplings Compressor unit
  • LT201 New small couplings compressor unit.
  • Efficient Secop BD series compressors
  • Self sealing couplings (unit is pre charged with refrigerant)
  • Evaporators are supplied with 12 ft line sets, 18 ft is optional
  • Efficient air cooled condenser, will provide years of simple reliable service in the tropics
  • Condenser is sized specifically to ensure capacity in the hottest of climates
  • Variable speed compressor (adjusted by changing the resistance in control circuit)
  • 18 GA powder coated steel with a compact foot print
  • Backed with Nova*Kool’s Easy 2 Year Warranty Program on all components
  • Environmentally sound 134a refrigerant
  • Simple, efficient and reliable rollbond plate evaporators. Can in many cases be bent to conform to your requirements
  • Compressor designed to run continuously on a 30 deg heal
  • Low battery protection to help prevent full discharge of batteries
  • Low amperage fan
  • Voltage options
    • DC only: 12 & 24vdc standard, optional 10-45 vdc for special applications (please contact us!)
    • AC/DC: 12 & 24 VDC and 100-240 VAC 50/60HZ


Click for more information Marine Nova Kool LT201 F2 Cold Plates. Ice box Conversion Kit lt plates 2018- R1 2020

Marine Nova Kool LT201 F2 Cold Plates. Ice box Conversion Kit Spec+Sheet+ImperialMetricLT+2023+-+R5

Weight 81 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 30 × 17 in

AC/DC, DC only






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