We believe that our primary job is to provide you with the right system for your needs. We are so committed to delivering quality to you that we make all of our units by hand. Every Mermaid Manufacturing air conditioning product is constructed of quality components assembled on solid stainless steel bases right here in the United States.

All marine air conditioning models are available in 120VAC, 220VAC 50 Hertz, or 220/230 50/60 Hertz (US) configurations. The differences between each unit relates to their cooling capacity. We have the right system for marine vessels ranging from the smallest cabin cruiser to a 75′ sailing yacht. We also supply the highest quality A/C pumps and marine thermostats in the industry.


M5 – 5,200 BTU, M6 – 6,500 BTU, M9 – 9,000 BTU, M12 – 12,000 BTU, M16 – 16,500 BTU, M24 – 24,000 BTU


120V, 240 V


Cool Only, Reverse Cycle, Electric Heat

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