ZF Marine Control Head MC2000-2 Series Chrome Dual & single Levers

ZF Marine Control Head MC2000-2LR Series Control Head Lever Ridge Chrome with Chrome Levers

ZF Control Head MC2000-2 Series Lever Ridge Chrome with Chrome Levers MC2000-2LR

Find ZF Control Head MC2000-2 Series Lever Ridge Chrome with Chrome Levers MC2000-2LR at Seatech Marine Products, Inc. Part No. MC2000-2LR. This model fits MiniCommand, CruiseCommand, 9000 Series ClearCommand and 9000 Series Premium ClearCommand control systems. The MC2000-2 series is designed for pleasure craft and vessels up to 50 feet with a maximum of two control stations. When you purchase from Seatech Marine Products, Inc., you have the support of professionals in the marine industry. We believe that providing knowledgeable customer service is an essential part of selling boating supplies.

3341004004 MC2000-2 Chrome with Chrome Dual Levers
3341004009 MC2000-2P Chrome with Chrome Dual  Levers with Sync (Pluggable)
33410040012 MC2000-2L Chrome with Chrome Left single Levers
33410040013 MC2000-2LP Chrome with Chrome left single Levers with Plug
3341004019 MC2000-2R Chrome with Chrome Right single Levers
3341004021 MC2000-2RP Chrome with Chrome Right single Levers with Plug

Notable features of ZF Mathers Control Heads:

  • Start Interlock– Prevents the engine from starting while the transmission is in gear
  • Cruise Mode – Allows two engine systems to be operated with a single lever control of clutch and throttle with one lever per engine.
  • Multiple Station Control – Effortlessly maintain the same speed on multiple engines. Engine synchronization improves fuel economy and reduces both noise and vibration.
  • Warm Up Mode – Allows the operator to rain the engine to the proper operating temperature for quicker departures. Warm up mode is also useful for engine testing.

ZF Marine Electronics control heads are built to withstand the harshest marine environment while being attractively designed to compliment any application. ZF Marine control heads incorporate easy to use functionality to give you complete control. The MC2000-2LR series continues the ZF Marine Electronics tradition of making boat handling and docking easy and effortless!

  • Dual Chrome Control with Sync (Hardwire)
  • Dual action control to operate both throttle and shift functions of 2 engines
  • Bright Chrome
  • Duplex nickel-plated for enhanced corrosion protection
  • Water resistant
  • Single-lever control of direction and speed
  • Multi-station capability
  • Easy station transfer
  • Station-in-command indicator lights
  • Start interlock to neutral indicator
  • Engine synchronization indicators
  • Audible and visual indicators
Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 in

Dual, Pluggable, Single-Left, Single-Right, Lever Bridge


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